Blackjack Systems You Can Avoid

The most common myth that the beginner will always be preyed upon by these so called blackjack systems is that the dealer is required to hit on a soft 17 (There are some decks that have an Ace and a Four which would grant a Blackjack but that is not always the case.)

For this reason, many players follow thisiderate belief but it is not mathematically accurate.

In the real world, the dealer has no choice to make when he hits. He is only following optimal strategy.

Therefore, players that count cards will always lose because they are not aware of the cards that have already been played.

This is the reason why most people will always lose after playing blackjack. Card counting is a concept that was developed in the 1950s and 1960s.

This was the time when the blackjack counting system was discovered by a group of MIT students.

The entire idea of card counting was to keep track of the high cards — those cards numbered or cards of a particular suit — and the low cards — those same cards or ones with no numerical value.

After learning how to count cards, players were able to win an edge over the casino.

When casino staff could not keep up with the card counter, they would remove cards from the deck.

This continued until the card counters had a bigger advantage and the casinos’ bankroll was reduced to 0.

There are many systems of card counting.

Some are simple systems, some are extremely difficult, but all are based on a simple card-counting strategy.

In the end, the casinos’ house advantage can be eliminated through proper game planning and with a card counting system.

low-denomination cards are played in the dark

the dealer breaks when he sees the cards

there are no tells

the high cards always favor the player

Combining Systems: High-Low Counting

Another method is to count the cards as they are played. You want to know when the deck is rich in high cards and when it is rich in low cards.

Your “hour of tea” counting plan depends on this concept.

For example, if you start early in the morning and there are few cards in the deck, you will increase your bets and wagers accordingly.

As the afternoon progresses, you’ll decrease your bets and perhaps shift to a night time strategy.

If the cards are in the deck all night, you can’t count them.

Limit Your Playing Time

It’s essential to be in bed by ten or eleven if you want to have enough time to analyze the cards.

Counting the Cards

Another system is card clumping.

This is the practice of counting certain cards as they are played.

This is a very difficult system to learn and be sure you aren’t giving away your secret by doing this.

Many experts who have played bridge believe that this is the bridge of its origin.

The principle is a bit difficult to grasp but with practice you will soon be able to learn it.


While card counting systems are hard to learn and some are true no-scARE system, the only way to consistently win at bridge or dice is to take the time to practice and decide for yourself if a particular theory is worth the time and effort.