How to Find the Best Poker Club

How to Find the Best Poker Club

Long before Christmas, I was chatting with my friends about our company’s new permanent marker. We were working on our company’s newest ad campaign. Our newest and so-called secret weapon. We were about to launch the biggest and most exciting campaign we had ever seen. It was going to drums up business at a rapid pace.

You see, we have about 30 or so employees that clock in over $4,000,000.00 per year. Just to keep it up, we are going to need new expense reports, new memos to distribute, new meetings to attend.

Anyway, I kept getting into theseiners requiring plastic playing cards. You know the ones that you push to the receptionist when you want to buy cards. You know the ones they pull out of the drawers and lay out on the counter that say “ready” or “JUST LOW”, where the card is held and never replaced. They also have this little flopper that moves around on the top of the deck when cards come out of the sealed boxes.

One day, I had to pick up my daughter from day care and she was playing like crazy on these cards. She kept getting them mixed up with dirty looks at other players. I had to tournament out to swing it in the middle of the card party. You had to get a new deck of cards. These ones were definitely not any good. After I returned from the tourney, I went back to picking up my regular deck of cards and she was still playing those horrible cards.

What did I do? I had to try some new cards. Ones that were really easy to deal and ones that were card friendly. Guess what? They were just the same old cheap cards we were using. Sure, the atmosphere around the table changed and everyone enjoyed their poker more. Not only that, but I picked up an extra $1,500.00. Just by changing out one deck of cards.

Hey, you have to spend money to make money, you know. And we all know where this story is going. I haven’t had a hot poker night in ages. But, I still went out and spent money on some new cards.

You have to remember that part of the story is the cards were free. Oh, yes, I did pay for them. I believe in spending for things that are important and just and fun. Oh, yes, the cards were free.

So, I went home with a new deck of cards and all of my pokerace99 friends were nose diving all over them. They were ripping them off and sticking them in their wallets or pockets. Whatever. I wasn’t going to pay them any attention anyway, because deck after deck of cards was brought out and I wasted enough time to figure out that they were all worthless pieces of paper.

But, I digress. Most of you were wondering about those new cards, did you get them free? Well, no. But, I will tell you where to find them. If you live in the Delaware, Ohio area, where Poker Stars is the King of all poker rooms, you will find that they have a sister facility called Card Club. It is run by the aluminum card company that has been in business since 1968 and is still family owned and operated today.

Just like their original home, Card Club has a wide variety of products for every poker background. You can find event suits, sunglasses, clothing, bags, decks, and tables to help you host the ultimate poker event. They even have a Dealer specialty store where you can buy Poker Chips and Poker Supplies, anything you would need to run your home based card room.

But, Card Club isn’t the only home based poker room in Ohio. There are the Cincinnati area based locations of Card Watch and Liquidity. Both facilities are extremely welcoming and have a variety of products to meet every poker patron’s demand.

And, Ohio poker players can keep up on the latest in Texas holdem and stud poker by keeping in touch with the card