No Deposit Bingo Sites

No Deposit Bingo Sites

There are all kinds of unlimited websites that offer the game of bingo. Some require deposits whereas others just allow you to sign up without any money being involved. By visiting the website, you will be required to download an application that will allow you to start playing. Exactly how you win anything is left as the user wanting to find out.

Deposits can be made via credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and many other mediums. The drawbacks of depositing in other ways is that you are sharing your credit card details, for example your Visa booking or MasterCard credit card number with all the online bingo sites. This gives all kinds of added security to the depositing user but doesn’t require too much of a hassle, especially if you are signed up to the site.

All these deposit methods result in the user giving their credit card details to the bingo website as a token address, so that the bingo software can transfer the amount from the credit card to the bingo account. This is really not that bad of an deal for the user, especially if you are going to be playing offline as online bingo is pretty much the same as offline bingo.

  • token-based deposit method whereby the user must generate a token to sign up for the bingo site;
  • ether-based deposit method whereby the user must send an internet send to the bingo web page to transfer funds to their bingo account;
  • e-wallet deposit method whereby the user must send an internet send from their own deposited funds to the bingo web page;
  • bank transfer method that requires the user to give their bank account or credit card number for the deposit to be made;
  • card method whereby the user must send an internet send from their own deposited funds to the jayapoker web page.

The only thing you have to know with deposit methods is that you shouldn’t have lots of money in your deposit account. Never deposit more than you can afford to lose. Always divide your deposited funds between smaller stakes and getting to higher stakes games with much larger funds.

What should I not do with my no deposit bonus funds

If you are going to be spending some of your very valuable no deposit bonus funds, you have to be really careful with what you do with those funds. I know this sounds like playing with your eyes, but it really helps if you have to think about the best use for those funds.

If you start playing for real money, you will want to move up in stakes once you have earned a bit of a track record. This is OK to do with bonus funds, but you will want to be moving up in stakes games as soon as you start to win some real money.

The games are only going to get more and more competitive as bonuses are taken away and your opponents will be playing just to beat you. This is why you cannot keep playing in the same game hoping you will win a bonus. You need to make a real move and start earning some real money or start playing with bonus funds in a game you are not an expert in.

Moving up in stakes games will also allow you to play in more games than just two. If you are not getting any good hands in your games, you can always move to a different table or even another game. With enough low buy in tables, you will be able to play in more games than you are able to play today.

Another benefit of receiving a no deposit bonus is that it can help you to play more games for less money. If you only play two games a night, you can double your money with a bonus and a deposit. Most sites will allow you to withdraw your bonus money the day after you deposit it.

Buy in of the game is all about your budget, the more you have to spend, the more you can win, it is as simple as that. If you are unable to spend the amount of bonus money, you will have much less money to work with, which does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert.

There are also no deposit bonuses for tournaments. In tournaments, both the time you spend playing and the amount of hands you play at any given time is against the amount of bonus money you collect. Building your bankroll takes a lot of time, patience and discipline. The majority of players lose money on their bingo accounts and bingo bonuses are the quickest way of making that money back.