The Only Way To Beat The Bookie

The Only Way To Beat The Bookie

Most people lose when they bet on sports. They don’t understand there is only one way to beat the bookie and it can’t be found through trial and error. They end up losing money at the bookie when they shouldn’t have.

The only way to beat the bookie is to use arbitrage secrets to guarantee you win when you bet at the bookie. How is this possible? The answer is found in a place that the books don’t want you to see. It is bet per line.

In a nutshell, it means that if the Dallas Cowboys are +1.5 favorite against the New York Giants, you will win if the Cowboys lose by less than 2 points or if the Cowboys win by more than 2 points. The line might be something like Dallas -4.5.

If you bet $100 on Dallas and they win by exactly 4 points, you will win $100. If you bet the over, you will win if the Cowboys lose by AT LEAST 10 points.

Dallas is the team, which can be backed at -4.5 points, which means you will win exactly $100. In this case, it doesn’t matter what happens in the game. If the Cowboys lose by less than 2 points, you will still win because the bookie made the WRONG bet.

The negative side to this system is that sometimes the books will make a very low bet on a game in hopes that a big betting favorite would come through, thus creating a low betting number. With the high betting number, it is much harder to beat the bookie.

You could be at a crowded sports bar with hundreds of other people wanting to bet on the next game. With so many offers, how will you know which game to take an offer on? The crowded bar is the problem. It’s hard for you to find an arbitrage that is low risk when there are 40 other people looking at the same game.

What you can do is to take a look at the people at the bar. If they are betting on the same game, you could probably get a lower number of offers since most people are betting the same thing. This is a great opportunity to find an arbitrage by seeing who is betting a certain way.

If they bet way too much money on one side, they will have less people betting on the other side. When they are betting the same thing, there is less volatility and overall, you will end up winning more money by getting in on this lower betting number.

Basically, the busy people at the sports bar are betting the same thing as you are betting. If they bet a large amount, there will be less people to chase the after-mentioned percentage of your money. This is how you get a lower number of offers.

If you really want to win, you will have to bet consistently. This is the only way to win and beat the bookie at his own game. How many times have you heard people say, “I was broke before I moved to Las Vegas”? One of the only ways to bust a bookie is to bet consistently and lose over time.

While everyone finds different things to bet on, most of them do bet on a wide array of things. When you gamble, you should make sure that you knowgression rules and that you have a enough money to support yourself through the process.

The books love players who play the same thing over and over. They are loathe to lose money to players who never bet. If you find a player doing this, you can cash in on the bet by taking advantage of the bookie’s heavy favorite.

In the end, if you want to win, you will have to bet consistently. There are no half measures when it comes to betting. You have to stick to the same thing over and over again. If you let the early season go by without betting on a Bolagila, there is no chance for you to be a winner.

This is the time when the books love to reward their customers. You can cash in on this by thinking ahead and making sure that you will be betting on a game at least once during the first two weeks of the season. Once you start betting, there is no turning back. There is no halfway.

Just remember to bet the same amount on each game and do not take any action until you have arranged all your bets in advance.