treating Poker As a Business – What You Should Do

You have asked yourself this question and are quite frustrated that you still haven’t found the best poker affiliate program. Well, I have the answer for you and in this article, I will give you the details.

As you probably know, poker is big business and there are hundreds of thousands of poker players on the Internet and in the poker rooms. Whether you are a experienced player or a newbie, you need to take some action and promote your own brand successfully. I should know, I have been both learning the game and promoting successfully for almost a year now.

My goal when I first started was to make around $100 per month, but as poker was not my strong suit back then, I worked hard at building a great back-up income that allowed me to quit my day job, buy a new house, new car, and pay for my wedding! (this was all on my own prior to receiving my first poker affiliate commission).

It is now July 2009 and I make around $200 per month playing online poker, but the biggest chunk of my income is from my freeroll poker affiliate income. In other words, I have around 6 or 7 poker Affiliate programs I work for, with around 20-30 other poker players using them. Please understand, it isn’t a lot of money – usually around $10-$20 per player – but if you were to generate thousands of page impressions, you could earn a six-figure income per month.

All the tools you will need to make your poker affiliate business thrive are already made available to you. The hardest part is choosing the right affiliate program. I’ve used several of them and found variants on their sign-up bonuses, commissions, banking methods and form tools. My most used poker affiliate program continues to be Pacific Poker, which is still among the programs I use and recommend. Here are more details on the top poker affiliate programs available on the Internet:

5 Star Internet Poker provides poker affiliate software to its players. The software is good for several poker networks, including PKR, Cardmaker, European poker network and more.

The Gaming Merchants Association, operates a program for its members. Party Gaming provides the software users with the best customer support, speed and design.

True Poker, is a program leading the industry. It provides software, poker network services, poker schools and poker directories that can be used for player heads-up games.

Ultimate Bet is one of the most popular poker rooms on the net. They offer a variety of poker software download and also includes a poker download service for those who prefer the no-download option.

Poker Sites

Although you will not be able to try out every online poker room on the internet, you will find at least one poker site that gives you an opportunity to work with an affiliate. Naga303 A poker affiliate is a person or company that sells poker affiliate links for its own marketing reasons.

When you work with a poker affiliate, you are able to receive more poker affiliate income through commissions. Usually, the poker room will pay you a percentage of the rake, which is the amount the house keeps from each pot. You will also receive a commission for referring poker players to the site.

Whether you are investing in poker online or buy a poker card, consider using an affiliate marketing scheme to increase your profits.