What is in a Poker Chip?

Chips used in poker are also referred to as bingo chips, poker chips used by casinos, chips used at home by various other gamers, cheaply made poker chips, and as well as chips used by the military. What exactly are these chips? Basically, they are made out of various combinations of materials, which you can pick up from the local hardware store. Depending on the price range, they could be as cheap as $0.25 to $1.25 per chip, in a heavy duty aluminum case, or you can upgrade to the highly durable and attractive 100% aluminum case customarily used by casinos.

The actual composition of the poker chip is a highly guarded secret among the poker chip manufacturing companies. That composition has been lifting cards during all these years and it is about time that the casinos would want to protect their investment. They have kept the formula of the composition under lock and key but the poker chip addicts can get an insight about it if they indeed find the right chips. Well, at $1.75 per chip, in denominations starting from $.25 to $500, these are certainly poker chip sets that will cater to the poker chip lover on the budget. They come in a set of 6 so more than once you can enjoy your game of poker with your friends and family. If you want to start a collection, you can opt to buy the complete set.

The mixed denomination set in a poker chip case is more expensive than the individual chips. It is also a rarer breed of poker chips than the other types. Usually, the casinos use these as markers during tournaments. The casino has a unique look in their casinos and they are quite elegant in their designs and the feel. Now, let us check out the chips that can be used in playing poker. There is no exact type or design of poker chips that can be used in playing poker. The type of chips that can be used in playing poker are plastic, clay, composite, and acrylic.

Generally, different types of chips can be used in playing poker. For instance, you can choose from 300, 500, 1000, 5000, and 100, etc. of these chips. Nevertheless, the choice of chips is up to you so you can opt for the chips of your choice if you are quite serious about the game. Moreover, you can also get sets of different types of these chips.

The price of chips is also dependent on different factors. It is true that the higher the price is attached to the chip, then the cheaper the chip is usually. Most of the time, the price is related to the quality of the chip however, you can also get the cheapest chips you can find in the market. Moreover, the chip that is used in casinos are usually of quite high quality, quite durable, and quite attractive. But, there are also cheaper chips which can be safely used for playing poker as well.

We can say that the price of poker chips is growing rapidly but if you know how to choose the right kind of poker chip set, then you can avoid the loss of expensive chips and can hopefully win in the long run. There are also many different kind of chips you can choose from. Usually, there are two types of these chips i.e. clay and plastic chips. You can also buy chips in each of these categories. But, it is worth noticing that clay chips are not as durable as plastic ones and if in case you discover some chips that are made of clay, it is important to know that these are not created equal. It is also wise to avoid these expensive chips, as they are not that durable and can easily break. If you want to enjoy a good game of poker with your friends and loved ones, it is wise to buy a poker chip set including a dealer button.