Who Wants To Win The Lottery?

Who Wants To Win The Lottery

To a larger extent I think that every one reading this would say me. Then again with all the bad press of who wants to win the lottery and who really does have an edge over everyone else who is benefiting from the lotto. There has been a lot written about all sorts of hacked? The article in the Wall Street Journal on the legal sports betting, seems like it could be an exception to that rule.

The article states, quote widely, “The Internet is saturated with sites offering what they call ‘the winning picks,’ but many of them are just scam operations that are out to rip you off.

“Consumers should demand more from vendors on the premise that they aren’t going to give away free stuff. They should insist on proof that they are giving you anAboveboard rating with their service or they should at least have an agreement,” Mr. Lockey said.

The one event mentioned in the WSJ article that could possibly fit under the category of a legal sports betting website scam is the NBA Draft Lottery. It is an 8 week game that rolls through the middle of April and the reports are that it is to begin play in May. Most lottery tickets are bought during this period and many news stories are based on those that have been purchased.

The draft lottery is reportedly to be held in Philadelphia during the four days leading up the June 11th start of the regular NBA season. It is unknown at this time if the NBA will allow the card game to be played in hotel rooms, casinos and even online.

Plans are now afoot to test the legal waters for those who want to participate in the draft lottery.

Would online lotteries be beneficial in the U.S.?

Well, the idea of an online lottery is not preposterous. It has been tried before with great success. California successfully ran an online lottery during the week of March 11th 2003 for an amount of $2.3 billion as a way of enticing people into buying the tickets. Among the big names that accepted the challenge were Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, California Super Lotto Plus and Euro Millions.

Guru and educational drawings expert Ken Silver claims that the concept of online lotteries and statistics in general are all based on the premise that the law of probability is used to generate a correct statistical outcome. He explains that in a game of chance like lotteries, the higher the number of coins you have, the better your odds of winning as there are more coins in the deck.

However, there are some problems with this system. If you start using this type of system, you will find that your numbers get “worthy” lower. Instead of 3 or 4 coins, you need only 2. The lowest number that you can play gets you the prize. As Silver has points out, just using this alone wouldn’t improve your odds of winning.

The Silver Lotto System is another article and will probably not be much help to you. According to him, there is a distinct difference between playing the lotto in the near future and playing the lotto in the long run. You will find a lot more benefit in the long run, but it all depends on how you play.

If you want to play, you need to keep your numbers higher. If you lower your odds, you will hit fewer numbers and the jackpot will be harder to win.

Don’t expect that you can do better than random number selection. Your best bet is to follow the suggestions made in this article and buy a few tickets trying out various combinations. Ask your spouse if you happen to have 5 different numbers. Ask friends and family. Most importantly, do not use this system in the near future.

The Silver MPO777 System states that the best numbers are those that have been hitting in the past. It also advises the use of an Excel add-in for breaking the number down into ranges. Each number in the add-in should be displayed with its accompanying number and color.